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This project is no longer updated on CodePlex. For the latest version and source code, please visit Github.


Project Description

Cocktail is an application development platform that takes the pain out of the development of data-driven rich XAML applications. It is a blend of three popular frameworks: Caliburn.Micro + DevForce + Entity Framework. Line of business applications need to query and save database data, model the data as objects with business logic, and present those objects to the end user. Cocktail takes care of these fundamental responsibilities with loosely coupled, open source, and industry-leading components that are designed for change.    


This version of Cocktail conforms to MIT license terms and conditions. You can use it to build any applicationcommercial or open source.

Source code and downloads for Cocktail 2010 v1.x

The Cocktail development efforts moving forward will be focused on Cocktail 2012 v2.x. We continue to support Cocktail 2010, but discontinued the downloadable zip file containing the binaries, source and documentation. The binaries are now exclusively distributed through NuGet. The source code and documentation can be downloaded from Github.


Cocktail is also available on github, where you'll find more frequent updates, more detailed change log as well as active feature and release branches.

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